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Client Testimonials

Over time and with great appreciation for the clarity and guidance they received, Some of Kelly's clients have shared their experiences.

Kristine, Veterinary Nursing Assistant

"Hey, I just wanted to share with you that several of the things that Kelly had mentioned to me that didn't make sense at the time, have actually been verified! It was hard for me to interpret what she was saying, but I have now realized what Kevin was trying to say to me. It sure is something only him and I would know, but it was just how the message came through that I didn't understand it right away. Several other things have started to make sense now as well. And a few things she mentioned would happen, have now happened! She is amazing. I will see her again!"

Megan, Realtor

"My expectations of my reading with Kelly turned out to be more than I had ever anticipated. When I presented her with a photo of my boyfriend. She envisioned a father and son eating human remains, She said she saw a son murder a female and the father helping to cover it up. She was certain the victim was a female. A year passed, and I found out that my boyfriend was being investigated for the murder of his ex girlfriend. He and his father were both arrested and convicted. When Kelly tells you

something, listen! Her info can save a life!"

Jeff Quincy, Retired Financial Advisor

“She blew me out of the park! I came to Kelly seeking a second opinion for what I should do with my business before my retirement. She gave great advice and made it clear for what I should do. She suggested to sell a sector of my business off, so I could work a little less until I was ready to retire and not to move the location of it. After retirement I sold the remainder off and it sold for more than I anticipated! She even told me who would was interested in buying it. "

Gillian, Business Owner 

"I had a lot of relief from my reading with Kelly, There were so many accuracies within  her guiding information. I can now take that info and make sensible decisions based on the outcome of my reading. Many incidents have occurred that she informed me of.

After taking a look at some family photos her description of their personalities were bang on.  She is the real deal.  I have referred lots of people to Kelly." 


“Our family reported my sister missing in November of 2016. The police could not find any leads. One of the officers that my family was speaking with had suggested me to see Kelly. As soon as I sat down she started to describe to me details of where my sister was, her home, who was involved and how it took place. I was completely shocked when she mention that my sister was living in South America. Because of her insight we were able to provide suggestions to the police. The investigation is still on going and questions are starting to be answered. My family is so grateful for her help!"

Due to the on going investigation they have been asked for their name to be kept confidential.

Update: Kelly has been proven right that the information revealed about the suspects and those involved were accurate information, this investigation is still open.

Alisha Mankatala

“Earlier this year my husband and I lost our son at birth. There was absolutely nothing published anywhere (including social media) about our loss. My husband went alone to see Kelly 3 weeks after our sons passing. Kelly was able to connect him with our son. I went a few months after my husband for my own reading and within 5 minutes Kelly was able to connect that my husband had visited her a few months before. My mother ended up going for a reading shortly after myself and Kelly yet again was able to identify a connection. “Is Alisha your daughter?” she asked of my mom.

I’ve visited Kelly several times over the last 7 months. She’s been able to help me find more peace during this difficult time. She has been right about everything!!! She told me in April that I would be taking a trip for a few days and at the time nothing was planned. A few weeks later my hubby and I took an impromptu road trip to Calgary for 3 days to purchase a vehicle. At my last reading she said that we’d be going away on a vacation soon. I laughed and shared that we’d just finalized a trip to the Bahamas that day! She is especially amazing with helping me to understand what my dreams are telling me about my waking life. I could go on and on all day long with validations of her accuracy.

Kelly is the real deal. I share my experience with everyone that will listen which has resulted in many referrals from family members to people at yoga class and even estheticians. Everyone that I’ve referred to see Kelly has been so happy that they went to see her. I will continue to see Kelly for guidance, advice and connecting with my precious son."

Brenda, Costume Designer

"I am honored to offer my recommendation of Kelly’s abilities. I have used Kelly’s services several times with wonderful results.

I am always startled and pleased by my time spent with Kelly. She helps me to evaluate my choices and make plans for my future.

Kelly has a talent and intuition that she has shared openly in her time with me. Kelly has a knack of seeing where I need to focus in my life. She sees into the people around me and offers input into my relationships with them using an on unbiased view.

Kelly is kind, warm, helpful, straight forward, an educator and a gentle advisor. She has a genuine gift of psychic ability.

I have enjoyed Kelly’s intuition several times and will continue to seek her council.

Kelly gives me insights into my choices and opportunities . I always come away with so much to think about and such excitement for the future.

I highly recommend Kelly to everyone. We all need an advisor on our side and Kelly is a perfect choice."

Kirsten , Law Enforcement

 I had my first reading with Kelly about 7 years ago  I knew then how fortunate I was. She continues to blow me away with her detailed and accurate readings. Kelly hands down is the real deal. She is truly a kind soul who has helped me and several friends that I have sent to her in navigating forward when encountering a crossroad in life.

Jaan, Business Owner

When I came to see Kelly, I owned 2 franchises of the same business. I was millions in debt. Kelly picked up instantly that one location was failing and due to location she advised me to get out of it. I felt so stressed and unable to cope and visited Kelly often for guidance and advice. he guided me with clear information on the path I needed to follow. Due to her advice, I sold that location and no longer had to claim bankruptcy. 

Ruth,  Leadership Consultant

It is my pleasure to offer this testimonial. She is a talented, capable and caring person. She has been kind, patient and most importantly, direct with the  information that comes through.  If you ever have the opportunity to have a reading by Kelly, Run to the phone and call her! Set up an appointment, Your future will be grateful that you did. Thanks again for all that you do and bring, Kelly.

Astrid, Retired

I am very pleased to give a testimonial to the uncanny abilities of Kelly. Her insights and compassion come through with empathy and understanding.  Her abilities to get to the heart of the matter, means so much to those who seek answers. She is so direct that it makes your hair stand up on the back of your neck, seriously!!  Thank you for all you have done!

 Maureen, University Professor

I brought my friend to my reading. Kelly began asking questions about a morgue, I there was a relative employed at a morgue or a young boy  that would have passed recently from a common illness. It was apparent that this information was related to my friend. Kelly kept envisioning two young girls that the young boy was showing her. He needed Kelly to connect with his two sisters as he needed to give messages to them and be able to cross over. 

Jo-Anne, Store Manager

Kelly is amazingly accurate and detail oriented. My friend who referred me has been a dedicated client of Kelly's for several years. I listened to my friends reading when I was in the other room. I was positively shocked.

Kelly is amazingly accurate and detail oriented. My friend who referred me has been a dedicated client of Kelly's for several years. I listened to my friends reading when I was in the other room. I was positively shocked.

Shane, R C M P Officer

Thanks again Kelly, I can understand how tired you can become after a session. I felt exhausted processing all the information you have shared. Kelly is truly a professional and made me feel very comfortable around her. I returned to her again and confirmed that her previous information came out over a couple of years. I moved away but still get phone readings. 

Raj, RCMP Officer

The reading I had with Kelly was right on the money. It was so amazing that I have referred Kelly to family and friends. Incredible accuracy, Ill be seeing her again!

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