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All About Psychic Kelly

Kelly Chapman studied natural medicine and nutrition and is originally from London, Ontario. She now lives in the heart of The Fraser Valley providing messages from the other side for over 30 years. She has conducted thousands of readings with people from the UK, Sweden, Australia, United States, South Africa and of course all over Canada. All come from a variety of beliefs, walks of life and experiences.

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My Story

I developed my skills as a Psychic Medium at a very young age, just as my ancestors did.  Since I was a child, I have been seeing, feeling and sensing Spirit. Thankfully, I was brought up to respect and love my gifts, being told that I would someday be able to help people with them.

As a young child, my earliest memories were of an elderly man who would visit me in the night. After bringing the old man to my mother's attention, she decided to ask the neighbours about the previous tenants of the house. My mom quickly discovered there was an older gentleman who used to sleep in Kelly's room and had passed months prior to them moving in. This was a turning point in honing my psychic skills.

Psychic Inheritance

I come from a line of well known psychic mediums, My skills go back five generations
of family history filled with experiences and stories passed down from both sides of
my lineage. The description I gave of him matched that of the neighbours' precisely. 

My mother then realized that I was on the same gifted path my Great Grandmother,
internationally known as Elizabeth Wakeling (nee Twitchett), who used a crystal ball
and regular playing cards as aids to enhance her natural capabilities.

As well, my grandfather, Thomas Heath, was also a psychic medium who practiced Tea Leaf readings in the 1800's. 

I am proud to continue their legacy of giving many people clarity and guidance, utilizing clairvoyant, clairaudience, mediumship and tools such as tarot to gain clarity. 

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