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It’s okay to have questions…Kelly’s got the answers!
Experiencing a psychic reading can be exciting, surprising and sometimes emotional. It’s all part of the experience. Knowing how to prepare can help you get the most out of your session. Find answers to
some of the most common questions asked.

Q: Are virtual readings available?

A: You can have a Whats App or Messenger readings.  

Q: How do I pay for my session?
A. E-transfer payments are made up to two days prior to your reading.  Emergency same day appointments based upon vacancy and by request.

Q: How do I book a reading:
A: Call Kelly directly at

     604 209 9431

Q: What are the hours of operation? 
A: Kelly provides readings  7 days a week- 10am to 6pm ( P.S.T. )

Q: What is the rate and how do I pay?
A:  All readings are $150. Time can range from 45-60 minutes max. depending on the abundance of information.

Seniors rates $125 (65 & older) 

Q. What if I miss a reading?
A: No show appointments are non refundable.  Please call to reschedule your appointment. 

Q: Where do the readings take place?
A: You can experience a virtual reading via What’s App or Messenger if you are outside of Kelly’s area. In-person readings are held at Kelly's home.

1060 McDermott Rd
Sumas Prairies
Abbotsford, B.C. Canada

Q: Can I record my readings?

A: Absolutely, most clients record their readings by using their phone or taking  notes.

Q: How do I prepare for a reading?

A: It’s best to set your intentions about what you want to receive from your reading.  It’s best to write these thoughts down on paper before you arrive. Be open to receive whatever information comes forth.

Q: I am a bit of a skeptic. Is that okay?

A: It is important to keep an open mind and be receptive to the information provided.


A: What should I bring to my reading?

A: Many people bring photos of their loved ones, cell phone or social media photos will work as well. 

Q: Will the spirit that I am hoping to hear from come through in my reading?

A: There is never any guarantee any desired spirit will come through. 

Q: If I am facing choices in my life, such as job, relationship, moving, etc., can Kelly give me guidance?
A: Kelly receives and shares spirit information that is useful for each individual in the present or the future, but legally and ethically, she cannot and will not recommend personal decisions for you.  

Q: Are there any stories about Kelly’s readings that I can review?
A: Absolutely! Click on the testimonial page.

Q: Can Kelly describe things in detail such as what a future spouse, job, place to live will be, look and feel like or what another soul is thinking?

A. Kelly can provide useful information regarding the topics mentioned above.

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