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Virtual Readings Now Available


All e-transfers must be paid in advance

readings are $ 150.00 .


**Please note all clients are required to wear a mask.  

Kelly is now booking appointments in advanced for your convenience.

Skype, Google Duo and WhatsApp readings are now well as phone readings




Psychic Medium located in Abbotsford, B​C

About Kelly Chapman

Kelly Chapman studied natural medicine and nutrition and is originally from London, Ontario. She now lives in the heart of The Fraser Valley providing messages from the other side for over 30 years.

Kelly developed her skills as a Psychic Medium at a very young age, just as her ancestors did.  

Since Kelly was a child she has been seeing, feeling and sensing Spirit.  Kelly was brought up to respect and love her gifts, being told that she would be able to help people with them.

As a young child, Her earliest memories were of an elderly man who would visit her in the night.  After bringing the old man to her mom's attention, Her mom decided to ask the neighbors about the previous tenants of the house. Kelly's mom had discovered that there was an old man who used to live in her room and had passed months prior to them moving in. Her description of him matched that of the neighbors precisely.  Her mom then realized that she was on the same gifted  path as her Great Grandmother, internationally known as, Elizabeth Wakeling (nee Twitchett).

Kellys' clients come from all over the world.  People have come to see her from the UK, Sweden, Australia, United States, South Africa and of course all over Canada. 



How much does a Reading cost?


One reading is $150.00 

 (45 to 60 minutes) 


Virtual Readings are available. Virtual readings must be paid in advance by cash​ or e-transfer.

How often do I need guidance?

"Birthday​s are good" 

Depends on changes, 

circumstances or personal need.

                My Services

  Psychic Medium Reading

Common subjects discussed are Love, Careers, ​Deceased Loved Ones and Health.  You may also bring photographs to be read of loved ones or people of interest. Kelly will be able to read through the eyes of the person. It is a direct mirror into the soul. With amazing results.


Having a ghost problem? Kelly helps with Hauntings at no charge.


Kelly has forwarded on many 

powerful visions that quickly became significant leads that assisted in shedding light on numerous

police investigations.

(Nanny) Elizabeth Wakeling-Twichett

Psychic Inheritance

Kelly comes form a line of well known psychic mediums, She can go back five generations of family history

of experiences and stories passed down from both sides of her lineage.  

Her ancestors have given many people clarity and guidance

which took place as far back as the 1800's in England, Ireland & Wales.

Kelly's Grandpa

Thomas Heath was a psychic medium who also used 

Tea Leaf readings in the 1800's. 

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